What Are Managed IT Services?

When it comes to defining managed IT services, the definition is relatively simple—it’s when you outsource your IT department for another company to manage. But here at Amaxx, our Managed IT Services are a little bit more than that.

For us, our Managed IT Services are about more than just providing you with high-quality service. They’re about offering your company the support it needs. We’ll skip the “geek speak” and answer your questions simply, without leaving you feeling confused. It’s time to put thoughts of your IT troubles behind you and focus on what actually matters—your business.

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What Is Included in Amaxx Managed IT Services?

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Cloud Computing
IT Backup & Disaster Recovery
Network Security
IT Support

What to Expect from Amaxx

When you work with Amaxx, our priority is to give you the peace of mind that you and your small business deserves. Our Managed IT Services near Central Ohio will maintain the IT network of your small business without nickel-and-diming you for every cent. Instead, we'll handle all of your IT services for a flat-rate fee. So if your network goes down or your server fails (any time or day of the week), you don’t have to worry about the cost—it’s already covered. Instead, you can focus your efforts on spurring the growth and revenue of your business.

We also understand that every businesses’ needs are entirely different from the next, which is why we offer a 100 percent custom package for exactly your business size or budget. Amaxx will work with you every step of the way to help improve your business. Here are just a few examples of the benefits of Managed IT Services from Amaxx:

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Minimize Employee Downtime

No business owner enjoys when their computer network goes down, primarily if your business relies on it to function. A downed network can mean you’re merely paying employees to sit there. When you have a Managed IT Service like Amaxx behind the scenes, we’ll reduce your downtime and get you back up and running in no time.

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Resolve Problems Fast

When you have an in-house IT department, you’re at the mercy of employees that could be out sick, on vacation, or out for the holidays. Having Amaxx as your IT management means you’ll have access to our services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. All it takes is a quick phone call or email for us to remote into your network and resolve the issues.

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Reduce IT Costs

Your IT department could consist anywhere from 1 to 10+ employees. That means you’re paying multiple salaries for one service that may not even be available at all hours of the day. An outsourced managed IT company is only one fee for a continuous service, any time you need it.

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Keep Your Business Secure

Technology changes every day, which means your IT network always needs to be on top of the latest and greatest software and tools. If not, you could be at a much higher risk of having your security breached and losing money. Amaxx’s experienced team is always up to date on technology to keep your business secure.

What Our Customers Are Saying

We get it—biting the bullet to switch your managed service provider or to hire a new IT company can be nerve-wracking. But Amaxx is here to ease your worries and answer all of your questions.

If that isn't enough, see what our customers have been saying!

A Great Support Company

I had the pleasure of working with Amaxx for two years while I was managing the IT for a large community. IT was just one "small" part of my job, so I really had limited hours allotted to take care of the 60+ workstations and servers. We also needed to upgrade some parts of our infrastructure to deal with the increasing demands of our clients, expand our Wi-Fi, and get better use of our medical charting systems. The team at Amaxx was always available, and they provided great direction and advice. They always considered our bottom line in the process, and followed through until everything was completed. For our regular/daily operations I really had no concerns because Amaxx is a great IT vendor, and I knew that I could rely on them. My favorite service is their 24-hour monitoring.

Working at a 24-hour facility, it is nice to go home and actually not fret over "what could happen." If anything went wrong with our server, it was the Amaxx crew getting wake-up calls in the middle of the night... not me. I came into work a few mornings and they were already there to repair some problems or do a necessary upgrade. They have always gone above and beyond and are very friendly as well.

Joy Keller

Handles all aspects of our IT
Being able to handle all our IT needs is a big benefit that Amaxx brings to the table. From a simple domain registration to a full network rebuild they take care of it all.

No nickel and dimes needed.
Amaxx does not try to nickel and dime you to death. If something is needed they will present a business case and work with you on the best course of action.

Available at a moment’s notice
When time is money it’s nice to know Amaxx is available to help day or night. They are always just a phone call away.

jerry Jerry Marselle Director of Technology

As a small, growing business we rely heavily on Amaxx to keep our systems running optimally and also rely on them to keep in step with our growth needs. Their solutions are effective, practical and scalable. They allow us to focus on our core business and at a moment’s notice Amaxx facilitates any need we have regardless of our users technical abilities. Amaxx is a part of the “value add” solutions we offer to our clients every day.

Doug Byorth President
Focus Logistics Solutions

IT Support Tips & Resources

Here are a few resources to check out on our website to help your small business!

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