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Our mission is to help businesses like yours increase productivity and get more out of the technology you invest in.
We specialize in solutions that safeguard and protect your data and keep operations running smoothly.

Managed IT Services

Reduce downtime, increase profitability, and make your technology work for you.

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Spam Protection

Protect your business from threats through your inbox

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Backup & Disaster Recovery

Ensure peace-of-mind with the most complete data backup solution available.

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Microsoft Office 365

Have all team members work and comment on the same project from different locations.

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When you just want IT to work!

There are a lot of computer shops out there that you can call up to fix an issue or install a piece of equipment. They might be able to get you out of crisis mode, but they aren’t looking at the full picture.

At Amaxx, we understand business. We consult. We provide solutions to solve everyday challenges. We just happen to fix computers as well.

We believe (and have proven) that if you proactively manage technology, run maintenance religiously, and monitor a business network, everyday issues and downtime will be greatly reduced.

This is what makes us different than your typical tech support company. Sure, we can fix computer issues when you have them, but our specialty is preventing them in the first place.

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      What Our Clients Say

      • Focus Logistics Solutions

        As a small, growing business we rely heavily on Amaxx to keep our systems running optimally and also rely on them to keep in step with our growth needs. Their solutions are effective, practical and scalable. They allow us to focus on our core business and at a moment’s notice Amaxx facilitates any need we have regardless of our users technical abilities. Amaxx is a part of the “value add” solutions we offer to our clients every day.

      • Shelley Metz Baumann Hawk, Inc.

        Working for a small structural engineering firm, I have to wear many hats around the office. Maintaining and managing the IT systems is just one of those hats but there is not enough time in the day for me to do everything effectively. Amaxx is my invaluable partner. They can easily take care of the everyday tasks such as monitoring the health of our network, managing our security protocols, verifying all PCs and Servers are properly updated, and fielding help desk calls to be sure all my fellow employees are running efficiently. They handle large projects such as server installs with similar ease, and goes to great lengths to do it in such a way that allows the office to continue to function with as little downtime as possible. The attitude of the Amaxx staff is not one of superiority. In fact, it is quite the opposite. They make you feel at ease and let you know that they are your partner. Amaxx always has the best interest of your company at heart.

      • I had the pleasure of working with Amaxx for two years while I was managing the IT for a large community. IT was just one "small" part of my job, so I really had limited hours allotted to take care of the 60+ workstations and servers. We also needed to upgrade some parts of our infrastructure to deal with the increasing demands of our clients, expand our Wi-Fi, and get better use of our medical charting systems. The team at Amaxx was always available, and they provided great direction and advice. They always considered our bottom line in the process, and followed through until everything was completed. For our regular/daily operations I really had no concerns because Amaxx is a great IT vendor, and I knew that I could rely on them. My favorite service is their 24-hour monitoring.

        Working at a 24-hour facility, it is nice to go home and actually not fret over "what could happen." If anything went wrong with our server, it was the Amaxx crew getting wake-up calls in the middle of the night... not me. I came into work a few mornings and they were already there to repair some problems or do a necessary upgrade. They have always gone above and beyond and are very friendly as well.

      Latest Blogs

      Now I Get it: Breaking Down Cloud Computing

      Types of Cloud Solutions
      Implementing the cloud into your existing business model can be complicated, especially if you’re unsure of what you’re looking for in a cloud computing platform. One thing is clear; you need to take all of your options into consideration, and make an educated decision that will benefit the future development of your business. We’ve outlined some basic information about the different types of cloud solutions, as well as why your business may be drawn to them.

      • Public cloud: The public cloud is a solution that’s designed to maximize efficiency for the user. The management and maintenance of the public cloud is handled by the provider. This is great for businesses that want a hands-off cloud experience at the expense of control over data.
      • Private cloud: The private cloud is often hosted either in-house or by an outsourced IT provider. As such, they require the proper management and maintenance to ensure functionality. The private cloud is preferred by companies that want to maximize data security and want the most control over their data.
      • Hybrid cloud: The hybrid cloud is a solid middle ground for users who don’t want to exchange data security for operational efficiency.

      What to Consider
      Now that you’re familiar with the various types of cloud solutions, you need to decide which one will work best for your organization. Here are some aspects to take into account with your business’s unique cloud needs.

      • Data security: Businesses that want to maximize data security will appreciate the private cloud. The private cloud allows for additional measures, like secondary hardware-based security solutions, that can maximize the protection of your data.
      • Access control: If you don’t want that much control over your data, the public cloud is a good choice. However, users who want to maximize access control and role-based user access will want to invest in a private or hybrid cloud.
      • Management responsibility: Just like other computing hardware and software, a cloud solution requires a certain expertise that should be administered by a qualified IT technician. If you don’t want this responsibility, the public cloud is right for you; though it should be mentioned that a hybrid cloud allows your business to take advantage of the many benefits of both private and public clouds.

      If your business wants to fully leverage all that the cloud has to offer, your best chance is to contact Amaxx at 614-923-6700. We can assist your business with every aspect of your cloud, from implementation to management.

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      Tip of the Week: Get Rid of Those Pesky Ads on Your Windows 10 Lock Screen

      One of the ways that Windows 10 will do this is by displaying ads on your lock screen. This is done through the Windows Spotlight feature found in your Personalization settings. Chances are that if you are using the default settings for your Windows 10 PC, these ads are enabled. Thankfully, it’s very easy to switch them off for good.

      To start, open up the Settings app. You can do this through either the Start menu or by typing Settings into the search bar/Cortana at the bottom of your screen. Next, click on Personalization. This opens up several options for your background image, colors for the operating system, themes, and your Start menu. You want to click on Lock screen.

      Once you’ve clicked on Lock screen, you’ll see a preview for what your lock screen will look like, as well as options for what Windows will display as your lock screen. You can select the Windows spotlight, which is showing the ads, or if you’d rather have something more personal and ad-free, you can pick Picture or Slideshow.

      If you choose Pictures or Slideshow, Microsoft won’t be able to bother you with shameless ad-pushing to your lock screen, which nobody appreciates. When you’re choosing your new background, we recommend that you choose pictures of a sunny, tropic locale that you dream of visiting on your next vacation. Or, better yet, a slideshow of something that you’re particularly passionate about.

      One other feature that you should consider switching off is the Get fun facts, tips, tricks, and more on your lock screen slider. This helps you avoid frustrating and annoying ads that may still find their way to your lock screen. Or, if you don’t mind the ads, you can provide feedback to Microsoft so that they can better serve your interests. Click the top-right icon to inform Microsoft of what you want to see more of, as well as what you don’t want to see.

      For more great tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your operating system, give us a call at 614-923-6700 and subscribe to our blog.

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      Any Version of Internet Explorer Prior to 11 Can’t Be Trusted

      Researchers at Duo Security came to this conclusion following an analysis of over two million devices. In particular, those who were using Windows XP were likely to be running older versions of Internet Explorer, and were most susceptible to hacking attacks and infections from viruses and malware. This past January, Microsoft stopped supporting all versions of Internet Explorer that aren’t the current version (Internet Explorer 11), which means that there are plenty of active web browsers that are vulnerable. Among those included are Internet Explorer 7, 8, 9, and 10. In fact, half of the PCs running Windows XP are still running Internet Explorer 7 and 8.

      Duo Security also found that 72 percent of versions of Java and 60 percent of versions of Flash are out of date on user devices, both of which are huge statistics that speak volumes about how end-users handle their technology. It’s an accident just waiting to happen, especially in conjunction with outdated web browsers and operating systems. As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your technology is in proper working order, and that your workstations aren’t putting your company at risk.

      Keeping your business’s mission-critical technology up to date with the latest security patches and updates is a crucial part of managing your IT infrastructure. Considering the fact that all it takes is a single workstation that’s out of date to put your business at risk, you shouldn’t be willing to compromise your organization’s security just to keep using the same old technology. Therefore, you need to take proactive measures to upgrade your technology before it reaches its end of support date.

      Upgrading your technology can be a challenge, but with Amaxx by your side, it’s much easier. We can thoroughly assess your organization’s specific needs, and consult you on how best to move forward with your chosen technology upgrade. The last thing that you want is to go forward with an upgrade and find that you no longer have access to your mission-critical legacy applications.

      Or, if you’re simply having trouble keeping up with your technology’s patches and security updates, we have a solution for that too. Amaxx can remotely monitor and distribute patches and security updates for all of your software solutions, including your operating systems! You’ll never have to worry about running unsupported software again, and your infrastructure can maintain maximum security at all times.

      To learn more, reach out to Amaxx at 614-923-6700.

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